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Directional Signs

Directional signs are one of the oldest forms of signage – think about traffic signs!  However, when it comes to business, they are often one of the last signs to be thought of by owners or facility managers.

Every business is as unique as the people within it.  Directional signage, including directory boards, enable customers to find the right person in the right place. Directional signage can be both internal  and external , small scale and large. It also forms a necessary component to any building or facility, and in many cases is an important contribution to your Work, Health and Safety (WHS) obligations.

Some types of directional signs to consider for your premises may include:

  • Directory boards  – easily highlight where people or businesses are within your building.
  • Directional signs  – useful to direct traffic around your premises if your facility is large or complex.
  • Parking or traffic signs  – easily identify parking spaces and define traffic or road rules on your site.
  • Floor graphics  – a great internal solution to direct people through a busy warehouse, or to your latest product within a shopping centre.
  • Pylon  –grab attention and bring people off the street into your complex with these large scale and long term solutions.
  • Digital/LED signs – Create an illuminated message that’s sure to provide direction and grab attention

The expert staff at Total Concept Signs will help you design a contemporary directional signage solution to suit your needs, being functional whilst remaining true to your brand image.
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