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External Signage

The average person consumes so much information within a single day that you need to make sure your business stands out from the crowd and your message is memorable.  External signage is a great way to capitalise on those driving or walking past your building.

Stand out from the crowd with external signage
External signage is a great solution for anyone on a prominent or busy street as they receive maximum visibility.  However, it’s just as important for those not in such a prominent position so that when people are trying to find you there is little effort involved.  By having quality external signage, you can also bring people in that may have been on their way to a competitor.

External signage is an extension of your corporate brand and the ultimate first and last impression
An investment in a high quality external sign is an investment in your brand.  It tells anyone passing by not only who you are, but invites them to find out more.  It’s important to make sure you choose quality materials for your external signage and a quality installation.  There is little point in investing in an external sign that needs to be replaced in 12 months time.

Partner with a signage specialist like Total Concept Signs for peace of mind.
The signage experts at Total Concept Signs have been designing, manufacturing and installing quality external signs that have stood the test of time.  Our customers choose to partner with us for their external signage needs because we:

  • Use quality materials that will last!  All our materials are from premium signage wholesalers and are weather resistant external signage solutions.  This is very important for your external sign that needs to withstand all the weather elements.
  • Have an expert graphic design team who can work with you to develop an effective and eye catching external sign to make sure people know you’re there.
  • Have experienced signage installers who ensure your installation is completed to the highest standard.
  • Provide a flexible service and can conveniently adapt to your requirements – we can visit you on site to discuss your needs, or you can come to us.  We can install your sign, or you can have one of your staff install it.
  • Are indemnified by comprehensive public and product liability insurance for any damages caused by your external signage.
  • Guarantee our signage work – we’re not happy unless you are - after all, it’s our business to promote your business!

Quick Tips: Choosing the right external signage solution.
The vast number of options can be overwhelming, but Total Concept Signs are here to help you navigate the options to establish a tailored solution that meets your needs.  One of the first places to start is deciding on which material to use.  A few of the options available include:

  • Powder-coated aluminium – a rust-proof solution that can easily be installed in a number of external manners
  • Colorbond – a cost effective alternate to power-coated aluminium
  • Waterproof MDF – a ‘medium density fibreboard’ is a composite wood product with a sealed finish providing a long term signage solution. MDF can be quite a heavy substrate to work with, but it’s durability ensures long life.
  • Pylon / Free Standing Illuminated Signs – a great way to draw attention from a main road and an excellent long term solution. They can be illuminated or not, depending on the requirement.
  • Fabricated / 3D Lettering – want a message that really “pops” out at your customers?
  • Banners – a cost-effective temporary or short term solution.
  • A-Frame Signs – an excellent temporary and highly flexible solution that can be placed outside and brought inside each day.  You can even interchange the message when you have a sale on or are releasing a new product.
  • Lightboxes – Ideal for a day and night solution to grab attention.
  • LED Signs – Energy efficient, long lasting and very bright signage.
  • Neon Lights – Create that “Vegas look” by adding neons to your external signage

Contact Total Concept Signs today and we’ll help you choose from any number of high visibility materials, provide an invaluable free consultation about the design, colours, sizes and typefaces that will work best for you