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External Signage - Buildings

The best way to describe building signage is a semi permanent external signage solution that is one of the major contributing factors to the all important first impression. Effective building signage will entice customers to come into your business or create a lasting impression so they know where to find you when they require your services.

Building signage can be as elaborate or understated as you require. Selecting quality materials and utilising colour to your advantage can create the impression you want, even on a tight budget.

Typical building signage can range from a small engraved sign or plaque at an entrance through to a huge illuminated sign on top of a multi storey building. There are also a range of temporary building signage solutions that can be available for short term stays.

Contact Total Concept Signs today and we’ll help you choose the most appropriate material, including an invaluable free consultation about the design, colours, sizes and typefaces that will work best for you.