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WH&S And Safety Signage

Signage can form part of your work, health and safety (WHS) obligations which require you to provide staff with a safe working environment. Work, health and safety (WHS) signage solutions may be used to ensure employees follow safety guidelines when working in or passing through your warehouse or common areas.

Illustrated work, health and safety signage may be used to highlight correct safety practices such as lifting, manual handling or hygienic procedures to ensure work-related injuries are minimised.

Effective safety signage highlights poor work practices that may lead to injury.  Warning signs also form part of WHS requirements in highlighting dangerous work areas as visitors and employees approach.

Not having all your safety signage complete not only puts employees at risk, but is also a legal risk for your business. Total Concept Signs are the owners of a leading online safety signage website, SafeSigns. On the SafeSigns website there is a comprehensive range of safety signs available. This is an excellent place to start and review what you do, and don’t currently have. Additionally, one of our signage experts can complete an onsite WHS signage audit to establish if anything is missing.


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