Services - On-Site Sign Survey & Consultation

Choosing what will attract clients is hard enough, not to mention the type of signage, where and how to install them and also what is needed to maintain them so they work for you for many years. Our experienced Sales team listens and works closely with you to understand your specific signage requirements. We carry out an extensive site evaluation and in-depth building survey to ensure maximum identification. After carefully reviewing your signage requirements, we proceed by conducting a comprehensive site survey of your premises to uncover any risks from the beginning and ensure that our solutions are complete and cost effective to fit your budget.

There are many factors that will affect your signage choice, some are:

  • Sizes, Spacing and viewing distances;
  • Use of Images, Text or both;
  • Colours and Imaging Effects (shadows, highlights etc.);
  • Statutory and Legal Restrictions;
  • Impact by weather and use of laminates;
  • Viewing Distances and obstacles;
  • Client Demographics and what will attract them;

And much more.

Your signage is an asset to your business and should be a long term investment. Attracting old and new clients is very easy with the right marketing and image and signage is a huge part of that process.

Schedule a free on-site survey and consultation, and we’ll help you through a very important part of your business marketing strategy.

If you would like some free advice, please contact us and request a free on-site survey and consultation.