Services - Sign Repairs & Sign Maintenance

All signs have a limited life, whether it’s the harsh UV conditions, weather, normal wear and tear, or even vandalism, your signage will require a little maintenance and repair from time to time.

If you are fortunate enough to get a lengthy lifespan out of your signage, the time may come to spruce up your signage or give the existing signage a facelift. Dirty, broken or faded signs send the wrong message: you don't care about your business or image, so why would you care about your client?  Remember your signage is the first image to your clients.

Ensure your sign investment performs to its full potential by using our maintenance and repair services. We can establish a regular maintenance schedule or respond in short notice to any wear and damage you may incur.

Refurbishing does more than giving your signage a fresh start; it can save you a great deal of money and hassle.  Refurbishing a sign is more cost effective than replacing it, and, it allows you to bypass the council approval processes necessary if you order an entirely new unit.

Give us a call if your sign isn’t doing its job of attracting customers. We will schedule a site analysis and provide a free estimate of what it would take to get it back on track: be it a repair, refurbishment or a complete replacement.

If you’d like for us to contact you about repairing your sign, click on the contact us to make an appointment.