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External Signage - A-Frames

A-Frames are an inexpensive and portable external signage solution to advertise your goods and services. Let Total Concept Signs custom design inserts which are easily and inexpensively changed so your business can always have a fresh look.

A well designed A-Frame is a perfect solution for:

  • Retail businesses,
  • Service industries,
  • Businesses in high traffic areas,
  • Cafes, bars, restaurants, and
  • Real estate.

A-Frames are an excellent solution to draw attention to your business, or create a focus on a specific promotion or offer. A-Frames are effective in high traffic areas, and messages can be interchanged regularly with ease to maintain a fresh look.

A-Frame signs for the hospitality industry:

  • Cafes,
  • Bars and Restaurants

A-Frame signs are ideal for displaying the specials for the day, a permanent menu, opening hours or a special happy hour or promotional offer. Offers can easily be interchanged, day after day to keep your promotions fresh with patrons.

A-Frame signs for Real Estate Agents
A-Frame signs are a perfect solution for real estate agents as they are a quick and simple solution to advertise open houses. A-Frame signs are highly portable and affordable making them a fantastic promotional signage option.

Extensive A-Frame Signage Options
Total Concept Signs has an extensive range of options, from lightweight PVC T-Boards to large A-Frames with wheels for easy handling. Interchangeable corflute or composite panels are a great option when you need to constantly change your messages, specials, or promotions. Custom-designed and shaped versions are also available. We have the solution to suit your message, and budget.

Standard sizes (custom sizes can also be manufactured) for A-Frames are:

  • Medium - 600mm x 900mm
  • Large - 900mm x 1200mm

Other Alternatives to A-Frames
T-Boards (round or rectangular base) - Come with either aluminium or PVC panels. Bases are generally plastic, which is hollow (to be filled with water or sand) or solid heavy rubber to stop the wind blowing them away.

Street Barriers - Hollow aluminium frame to allow for easy movement around busy thoroughfares. These include a banner allowing for either vinyl or digitally printed graphics. Perfect for street cafes and restaurants.

Contact us and let a member of our talented design team customise inserts to showcase your business and let customers know where you are, or what special offers you may have available.