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Vehicle Signage

  • Looking for a signage solution that goes where you go?
  • Perhaps you don’t have an office, but still need to let prospective customers know you exist?
  • Or maybe you’re looking to increase your brand awareness and make sure more people know about your organisation?

You’re already paying for your vehicle, so why not turn it into a simple and cost effective mobile advertisement that starts making you money?  Vehicle signage is one of the quickest ways to fast track your brand exposure and get your message out…and about!

We are the Vehicle Signage experts!  Let Total Concept Signs design and install an eye-catching solution for your vehicle, whether it be signage for your car, truck, trailer, van, bus, boat or trade ute.  If it moves, and has some free space to advertise on, we can design a solution that meets your signage needs.

Whether it’s a single vehicle, or a whole fleet of vehicles, there really is no job too big or small for the vehicle signage experts at Total Concept Signs.  Our full colour graphic vinyl design will transform your vehicle into an eye catching branded display.

Our customers choose Total Concept Signs for their vehicle signage because we:

  • Use quality materials that will last!  All our materials are from premium signage wholesalers and are weather resistant signage solutions.
  • Have an expert graphic design team who can cater your vehicle design to all needs and budgets.
  • Have experienced signage installers who ensure your installation is completed to the highest standard.
  • Provide a flexible service and can conveniently adapt to your requirements - whether we need to install your vehicle signage onsite, or at our premises.
  • We guarantee our signage work – we’re not happy unless you are - after all, it’s our business to promote your business!

Quick tips! Think vehicle signage is the solution for you? Here are some things to consider:

  1. How long will you have the vehicle?  It can be easy to go overboard when it may not be necessary.  If you know you upgrade your vehicle through a lease agreement every two years, a complete full colour vehicle wrap  may not be the best solution for you.  However, perhaps magnetic vehicle signage  is the perfect solution – especially if you use multiple vehicles.  Simply swap your signs over and go!  Quick, simple, cost effective and still providing mobile signage solutions.
  2. What are the key pieces of information to communicate?  Keep in mind, many people will be viewing your vehicle as they drive past you.  Make it easy for them to understand what you are about, and where to find out more information.  Make it very obvious and easy to contact you!
  3. Bright may not always be best.  Many people think bright colours are the best way to stand out.  This may be true is some instances, but it can make it quite difficult to read on a vehicle driving past or viewed from a distance in a car park.  Perhaps you may like to rethink that yellow text for your website?
  4. Location, location, location!  Although this is the common rule for the property sector, it’s also true in signage.  Think about the placement of your key information and make sure it makes sense. A website in a small font along the bottom of a bumper bar is not going to get read as much as a large website across a back window.
  5. Make sure it looks right - day and night.  Many people only think about how their vehicle looks during the day and make sure the colours stand out, etc.  It’s very important to think about how legible it is at night with only passing headlights putting your business name in focus.  If you get it right, people will remember where you’re car is parked and drive past to get the website or number when they do need your services.
  6. Work with what you’ve got.  Keep in mind the existing colour of your vehicle.  Obviously a white coloured vehicle is generally the easiest to work with, but it doesn’t mean your bright red car won’t work just as well.  Try to use colours that complement your existing vehicle colour.  For example, white works very well against red, along with other colours like yellow, black and even green.

Contact us  today to discuss your vehicle signage needs, or we’d be happy to help you decide on a vehicle signage solution that will suit your signage requirements.