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Promotional Signs

  • On a tight budget and want a signage solution that is portable and reusable?
  • Does your brand need more exposure?
  • Looking for a way to attract more customers?

Promotional signage is a great way to stand out above the rest.  Often promotional signage can be reused and is portable, giving a business maximum ‘bang for buck’.  Promotional signage is a great way to increase business exposure by promoting your brand and building awareness of your products or services, while staying on budget.

If you want your next exhibition, promotion or display to capture customer attention, use quality signage and advertising, combined with the latest ideas and concepts to create a cost effective WOW factor.

Communicating one-by-one, or en masse?
Many companies opt for a bulk purchase of small promotional products as giveaways to reach out to one person at a time.  However, effective promotional signage can reach out to a whole group at once.  Whether it’s a big statement you’re looking to make, or a targeted and specific message, a customised branded promotional sign ensures your business gets its message out there right away.

When it comes to promotional signage, the options just continue to grow!
There is guaranteed to be a solution that will meet your needs. There are promotional signage options in all shapes and sizes and for most businesses they become a staple to the promotional toolkit.  Some of the many available choices include:

  • Banners  – temporary or permanent solutions for internal and external use.
  • Pull Up Banners  – a portable and lightweight signage solution ideal for exhibitions, trade shows, other corporate events or even to brighten up a tired foyer.
  • Point-of-Sale (POS) Signage  – simple, cost-effective solutions to capture your customer’s attention while they’re completing a transaction.  Great for up-selling, cross-selling or conveying bonus incentives.  In most cases, point-of-sale signage can be re-used or re-purposed.
  • Magnetic Signage  – simple, effective and completely reusable, if you have a vacant area being wasted, a magnetic sign may just be the perfect solution!
  • Stickers  – whether it’s one, or one thousand, stickers are a quick solution to get your message across to your customer.  It may be a small sticker discreetly placed on your product to encourage people to call for replacements or services, or a sticker to get across a fun message en masse to the public.
  • Posters  – Posters are an easy and cost effective solution that can be designed and printed by Total Concept Signs.  To get longer life out of posters, consider investing in a quality and reusable framing system – ask us for more info!
  • A-Frames  – the ultimate in portable attention grabbing.  If required, A-frame signs can also be inter-changeable and are lightweight and easy to relocate within your premises, or across town to another business? They’re great for market stalls, restaurants and cafes specials menus, or even your latest deal for the week!

Total Concept Signs’ promotional signage is made to last and will be sure to serve you for many promotions to come! Contact us to discuss your promotional requirements  and we’ll tailor a promotional signage solution to meet your needs.